New Year – New You

Happy New Year’s Greetings my lovelies!   May you be blessed with abundance in all areas of your life – health, wisdom, peace, and happiness! I’m starting 2015 with a new project.   This one is called New You.  I am going to post a “New You” series blog twice monthly as a check-in.  I will also […]

my true love gave to me, twelve drummers drumming… Which drummer’s beat are you dancing to?  Have you been present through these last twelve days before Christmas or just moving through the motions?  Just for today take a few moments and pause, breathe in and breathe out.  Connect with where you are, who you are […]

my true love gave to me, eleven pipers piping… Release the need to be right.  Are your mental pipers always piping that song to you – you have to be right or you don’t count?   Perfection in everything that is the only way to be fully accepted?  I’m calling BS!  You don’t need to […]

my true love gave to me, ten lords a leaping… Take a leap of faith…Today start out with the intention of being completely free of all neurosis.  Apprehension, anxiety, stress, these are known to be killers of not only our spirit but physically can manifest with increasing the likelihood for disease in our bodies.   […]

my true love gave to me, nine ladies dancing… Do you dance like nobody’s watching?  Dancing and movement is joyful and allows our emotions good and bad to move through our physical bodies and be expelled.   You can see and feel the joy when someone is dancing and truly expressing themselves.  Put on “SuperFreak” […]

my true love gave to me, eight maids a milking… Practice opening your heart to see others with compassion today.  No one knows with entirety the path others are on, but we can practice seeing the unique and amazing spirit within them. Matthew 5:8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

my true love gave to me, seven swans a swimming… What are you swimming toward? or are you just treading water?  Do you have any goals that give you purpose?  Saying I want to be a better person is great, but how do you hope to achieve this? One of my favorite movies is “What […]

my true love gave to me six geese a laying… What are some material items you can part with that are not enhancing your life?  Is there clutter in your living space?  The physical action of removing unused objects just lying around can be the first steps in removing the mental clutter of stories or […]

my true love gave me five golden rings… Think over the past year and come up with five things that made you smile, connected you with the present moment, or connected you with another person in a way that made your heart sing.   What are some feel good moments you have had?   It […]

my true love gave to me four calling birds… Have you a friend or family member with whom you have lost touch that you want to reconnect with?  Have you tried picking up the phone and just calling to say hello?  No texting or emailing – just call.  Even if they don’t answer leave a […]