How many days do I have left?

How many more days left of vacation? How many more days left until Christmas? How many more things can I get done today? How many more days left until this weekend? I can’t tell you how many times I have said these things and more, but one of the scariest or important things I have pondered is – how many more days do I have left on this earth, in this body, in this life.

I keep it no secret that I believe there is more to life than this earthly existence we live day-to-day. I cannot explain it without sounding woo woo. But I exist not just in human form but in spirit. I can’t explain how some miraculous things can occur, neither can I explain how some terribly random tragic things occur. Sometimes there is just not a clear answer and it calls for me to have faith. Not faith because of a sacred cow belief, not because of some ancient story someone told me, not because someone else tells me I must believe, it is an inner knowing. Some atheist is no doubt reading this thinking what a putz. I’ve been around that block before, doubting, questioning,and disheartened.

I cannot explain how when I am thinking of someone they call or text in that very moment. I cannot explain how I can pray and see the answers to that prayer, usually after having forgotten the initial prayer. I have but faith. Faith that my finite human brain cannot wrap around an infinite cosmic soul. As any atheist will dogmatically assert, having a “spirit” or “soul” cannot be proven scientifically – yet it cannot be disproved scientifically either.

Carl Sagan thought that brain and its workings were fundamentally a consequence of anatomy and physiology, nothing more. Scientific atheists assert that chemical changes cause character and personality disorder and changes, nothing more. They assert that if we had a soul how do we explain the personality changes in someone with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or brain damage. If the soul is truly in charge and other than the mind then how come it isn’t able to overcome the physical limitations?

I cannot explain it, neither can I explain how a lot of things work in great detail. I can explain at a high level how an automobile works, but I am not a mechanic .I do, however, have faith each time that I put the key into the ignition that my car will start and run properly because I trust how it is built. Plus I have experienced the fact that without fail, unless there has been a problem, my car starts each time I put the key into the ignition.

Faith is believing in things unknown or unseen because you have had an experience or experiences that give you an idea of what is possible.I don’t think faith propels my car, gasoline does obviously. But faith does propel my soul. When I hear of miracles, good things that happen out of the blue in odd situations. When I have little miraculous things occur in my life, prayers answered, I just know there is more to life than the physical scientific realm.

Science doesn’t necessarily show that you are more intelligent for believing “just the facts”. In fact, a lot of scientific discovery had its beginnings with faith, and a search for God. Then science and faith parted ways. Today in physics with subjects such as quantum physics and chaos theory there exists unknowns.This opens the door again for God.

Most scientists still leave God at the laboratory door, however, you will find many well educated, brilliant scientists and doctors who do believe there is more to life than we can measure with our physical instruments.

Some atheists say that they live better, more productive lives because they are concentrating on being a good human being now, not stocking up good deeds for heaven. Perhaps this is a fault of man’s influence on spiritual teaching. Christians, Muslims, and Jewish among other religious persuasions sometimes focus so much on their afterlife, they stop living now. This can be literal (Muslim suicide bombers), or figurative (Christians who read love your neighbor but think it means bullying because they think they are storing up treasure in heaven).

Yes I consider myself a Christian, a person who follows the teachings of Christ. As a child I used to think that being Christ-like meant always turning the other cheek, suffering through life, until heaven. When I was a child I thought as a child thinks. As an adult I see there is a much grander plan.

How many days do I have left? I don’t know. Am I going to live each day as I ought to loving my neighbor, enjoying life as it comes, being thankful for what I have NOW, having faith in the future and the unknown? That is my goal daily.

I have made it a habit lately, like the late great Wayne Dyer, to give thanks and ask how I may be of service each day before I jump out of bed. I don’t think it is about the number of days you have left, it is about how much you put into today. I don’t need to constantly count the days until I have the perfect job, X amount of dollars, the best body, the best vacation etc. It isn’t that we shouldn’t look forward to things with happiness and hope, but life is built by what we do daily. Life, authenticity, change, love, happiness is for today.



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