I lost my job

It has been almost four months since I last blogged here. I have been busy with life and doing a lot of reflection, reading, studying and learning – then this happened – So it is a week before Christmas and I lost my job. I was devastated. It has been more than 25 years since […]

“Decide what your greatness should be and pursue it relentlessly.”  ~ Jordan Lejuwaan Everybody at some point has desired to be that badass hero. No I don’t mean the narcissistic, unempathetic sociopath who steps on people to attain their desires. I have in mind the Superman, Wonder Woman, or the Iron Man type of badass. When […]

“Instead of dedicating your life to actualize a concept of what you should be like, ACTUALIZE YOURSELF.” ~ Bruce Lee So I was perusing the web one day and jumped down a rabbit hole, as frequently happens.  I am sure we have all been there when surfing the Internet. We honestly set about searching for […]

“Recycle your demons into compassion, truth, hope, and love.”  ~Cyndi Rose The world needs you, just as you are, right now.   You might say what could poor, lil ‘ol me help with?  I say you have a story, you have a calling, all you need to do is answer. Whatever turmoil, difficulties, or concerns […]

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”  ~ Mark Twain Why are we here? I read a great many self-help, philosophical, and psychological books.  Many have opposing views.  Sometimes I’m quite sure there is no answer for everyone, that each person […]

If you were around from about 1962 until 1981 and old enough to watch the news you were familiar with Walter Cronkite and and the above phrase.   This was his nightly sign-off phrase.  While Walter was far from a philosopher – this phrase says it all.   Uncle Walter was once a trusted friend […]